About us



We are all children of the same God . . . 


We aim to create unity in the body of Christ. Our monthly seminars and weekly Bible studies are for Christians from all communities. We venture to keep the unity of the body of Christ.


Our Story


We have been around since 1995. Our little fellowship started in a garage with less than 20 members. In 2001 we purchased our land and our second tent. 2013 we erected our building by the grace of God and our community increased to 800 members.


Today we have 1000 members in church every week as well as:


- Bible classes

- Pastors training

- Men's fellowship

- Woman's ministries

- Youth meetings

- Children's church

- Prayer groups



We print and distribute Gospel booklets to spread the word of our awesome God. You can download our booklets for free from our website. Together we can spread the word of God to every corner of the world. 




Meet Our Pastors:
Dilip Chetty

Lead Pastor


+27 82 781 4559

Lulu Chetty

Director of Women's Ministry


+27 76 689 3291